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The Artisan Designer

Chimene Liburd Brown, has always had an interest in artistic creations. At a very early age, Chimene witnessed the creativity of her grandmother, Floyd D. Liburd masterfully design quilts from geometrically shaped pieces of fabric. The intricate process of measurement, color coordination and assembly fascinated Chimene.  This creative process produced beautiful  quilts that told a story.  This exposure to quilt making carries over into her own interest  in creating her own story through the art of metalworking.  Her upbringing in Queens, New York exposed her to people of many different cultures. This offered her exposure to a world of different foods, music and traditions with deep rooted symbolism. You will see numerous examples of these early influences in her jewelry pieces.  This is evident in the textures and shapes she uses in her earrings, pendants and bracelets. 


Exposure to the art and architecture of Spain during her college years and her ongoing medical mission trips to the Island of Jamaica,  has deepened her curiosity into the influence of society and culture in the art of jewelry making.  Through research and visual observation, Chimene has been able to create jewelry with a historical feel combined with her interpretation of the meaning behind jewelry from the recent and distant past. She has spent many hours studying the symbolism of many different cultures of the world.


Much of her artistic interests were put on the hold while she pursued her career in medicine.  The intensity of being a physician reignited her artistic side. Creating jewelry became a meditative process as well as an expression of her life experiences.  Creating something from nothing spurred Chimene to learn the fundamentals of jewelry making.  Her introduction to metal clay, a cutting edge malleable metal, and traditional metal smithing has allowed her to incorporate the different shapes, original textures and colorful gemstones she has discovered on her journey of creative expression. The use of original textures and gemstones with specific meanings allow Chimene to create an original piece of jewelry. 


These original pieces of jewelry empower the wearer with strength from the perceived symbolism within each piece.  Her jewelry provides an inner sense of strength, confidence, and security.  The meaning within each piece revitalizes the importance of jewelry as adornment with a purpose.


Certifications:PMC® Connection Level 1, 2 and 3 Certification

Rio Grande’s Rio Rewards Advanced PMC® Certification ProgramPrecious Metal Clay Artisan 

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